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Note : When any Planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac which is an illusion (No Planet has backword motion), We call this illusion Retrograde motion.

What is Venus Retrograde?

As Mercury is well known as planet of mind that deals with commerce, communication and emails, Venus is all about Love. It has major concern with intimacy, affection, friendship fashion, romance and sweet moments.

What is Venus Retrograde?
Venus Retrograde is considered as an optical illusion where the planet seems to be moving backwards when observed from surface of earth. Yeah! This planet of money, love and romance use take a turn around within every 18 months.

One of the easiest ways to understand retrograde period is to observe that paths of planets have become quite busy. It is not related to out of balance communication rather it deals with out sensual nature. It deals with the values related to love, affection and how a person attracts his/her mate.

Who is going to suffer major impact of Mercury Retrograde?
Venus generally rules two zodiac signs that are Libra and Taurus thus we can say that during Venus Retrograde period both these signs are going to face major trouble. Taurus is believed to rule senses like pleasing art scenes, valuables, landscapes, beautiful scenes, riches and material wealth etc. On the other side, Libra has major relation with partnerships, marriages, beauty and fashion.

As per astrology, Venus use to reflect the inner Goddess and it deals with how we spend money and what we buy. It has more concern with how we love to dress up just to attract our partner and the style that we follow for flirting.

What to Do?
The fact is that Venus retrograde is actually the best time to re-discover and re-assess values. What we like, what we appreciate in the world, what kind of thoughts we follow about friends, people, and material goods?

Romance may often come under inspection and with several aspects of love relationships one can expect the reappearance of past lovers. One may also face re-visits to old relationships and friendships and it is assumed to be the best time for dealing with heart related matters. One may need to give more focus to re-decoration, fashion and beauty when Venus retrograde occurs. It may also leave an impact on social events, parties and finance related issues as they may not follow the same track as you have planned earlier.

• Revaluate the real meaning of beauty:
Venus has major impact on how we beautify our self, the way we dress up as well as our personal style. Whenever Venus Retrograde occurs, then you can consider it the best time to rework, redefine and remodel yourself. It brings more value to your mood, personal tastes and inspiration. However, one should not go for new changes like never make booking for the drastic haircuts.

Have a look on your finances:
It is well understood that Venus rules money and finances. So when Venus Retrograde period occurs then it is considered as best time for reviewing, rebalancing and reassessing your figures. There is no need to make new implementations rather this time is best considered for revaluation and make improvement over that.