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Note : When any Planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac which is an illusion (No Planet has backword motion), We call this illusion Retrograde motion.

What is Saturn Retrograde?

So, about to move to another month and expecting a new retrograde? This is a common situation every year. Venus has gone through its retrograde cycle from March up to 15th April whereas Mercury and Saturn went to retrograde period in the beginning of this month. All planets follow different timings for retrogrades and they leaves different impact on people as per astrology. Here we are going to talk about Saturn Retrograde.

You must be aware about the fact that Saturn Retrograde started on 6th April in year 2017 and it is going to stay up to 25th August. However, the pre-shadow phase for this planet was started right from 27th March but Saturn and Earth actually became parallel to each other after 6th April. As, this planet is on the smaller orbit so Earth will pass this planet in such a way that it will appear moving in backward direction for a while. As this planet is moving in continuous motion so the dates of retrograde automatically shifts every year.

There are several things that you may find interesting about Saturn Retrograde, as Saturn is well known as the planet of Karma. Note that placement of this planet inside the orbit leads to its impact on several astrological signs. Now, as in year 2017, the retrograde effect was observed to happen at the same time on Venus and Saturn so the ultimate impact is observed to be very complicated. It clearly means that Saturn Retrograde in 2017 is believed to leave major impact on money and love also due to its positioning with Venus. It may naturally lead to stressful and negative feelings over intimate relationships.

What to Expect during Saturn Retrograde?

At an average, Saturn use to have about 62 direct days and 65 days duration goes into retrograde period. Thus it is common to see several transformations related to politics and medical world. It is the right time to learn perseverance and patience. The most interesting news is that during this period you can avail maximum growth in terms of Spiritual heights. This phase will lead you towards enlightenment and will improve your abilities to dedicate time for oppressed people

During Saturn Retrograde time, you can find best opportunity to revisit your previous opportunities that you have missed at certain times in life. In this duration, Saturn will show you the real image of life and you may have to face the impulsive nature. It is good to avoid taking essential decisions in hurry and people are advised to stay more careful about major decisions of their life.

What to avoid during Saturn Retrograde?

1. It is definitely not the right time to take new projects. However, you can try to manage the old ones. Practice your old hobbies and improve your abilities over existing things to get better results.

2. One need not to take unnecessary risks in life during Saturn retrogrades.

3. Do not over schedule your routines otherwise you will not be able to bring values to your tasks.

4. Do not waste money.