Retrograde Mercury

Retrograde Mercury Position

Planet Retrograde Starts On Retrograde Ends On Duration
Note : When any Planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac which is an illusion (No Planet has backword motion), We call this illusion Retrograde motion.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Those who have gone through the concepts associated with Astrology will easily understand the fact of Mercury Retrograde whereas the rest may have a confusion thinking that what it is all about. There are so many facts related to planets in the world of astrology but the Mercury Retrograde use to be the most popular one among all. The reason behind this huge popularity is clear as it has direct impact on everyone’s life. For a while, if you start paying attention towards the life changing events that often happen during this phase then it will help you to understand the importance of Mercury Retrograde in your life.

If you stay updated about the Mercury Retrograde cycles then it can become much easier to avoid frustrations in life while having positive vibes towards growth and productivity.

Is it true that Mercury moves backwards?
The true fact is that Mercury does not follow the backward movement. But if you focus on the facts associated with motion of Mercury then it will appear moving backward; this fact was also described by few astrologers several years ago. Studies reveal that for every 3 ½ week duration Mercury use to reverse itself and then it again starts moving forward.

As we all known that Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun so naturally, its orbit is observed to be shorter as compared to the orbit of Earth. At least 3 or 4 times every year, Mercury use to maintain speed past earth and it ultimately leads to Mercury Retrograde period.

In which areas of life Mercury actually rules?
It is time to go through several interesting aspects related to Mercury. If you follow astrology then you must be curious to know that in which areas of life, Mercury actually rules. Studies reveal that it has major impact on all types of communications like buying, selling, negotiating, researching, editing, learning, speaking and listening etc. Mercury also has an eye on all formal agreements and contracts; at the same time it affects all essential documents like wills, leases, contracts, deeds, agreements and terms papers etc.

All types of codes are included under domain of this planet like travel, shipping, transportation and computer codes. Whenever Mercury Retrogrades then all these areas suffer major impact and often go out of control. Now, some of you might be thinking that how all this happens? Actually, whenever a planet retrogrades then as per concepts of astrology, it is believed to go into sleeping or resting state. Thus, whenever Mercury takes a short nap, all activities that stay under its control stop functioning well.

How to stay safe?
It is good to follow few advises of astrology experts to stay safe from harmful effects associated with Mercury retrograde. The most essential thing is not to take a major move in your life because it will never lead to good results in future. Even if you make some decisions then they will demand potential changes with time. Do not go for new deals, avoid launching a new campaign.