Retrograde Mars

Retrograde Mars Position

Planet Retrograde Starts On Retrograde Ends On Duration
Note : When any Planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac which is an illusion (No Planet has backword motion), We call this illusion Retrograde motion.

What is Mars Retrograde?

Most of us prefer to stay safe when Mercury Retrograde occurs because it has major link with essential communications in our life. But, next to this is the Mars Retrograde that has major concern with our actions. The Mars Retrograde is observed to happen at least once in every two years and it is essential to think twice to initiate any action during this period. This is because it leads to decay in energy level and it also brings obstacles and frustration to major efforts of life.

The Mars Retrograde use to stay for almost 11 week duration and it is believed to leave major influence on every one’s life but yes, your normal routines will go on. There is no doubt to say that you may have to take few essential decisions during this duration like you may have to enter into a new job or step ahead into a new relationship. However, there are various events that may appear like elective choices and in simple words one need to avoid initiating them during the Mars Retrograde. The fact is that you may find any other period to execute them better to have improved results.

Note that, people may work hard during this period but if the timing goes wrong then results are not assured.

How it is going to affect you?
As per the astrological theory, Mars deals with the principles of action and independence. The major influence of this planet forces people to execute new tasks. You might be aware about the fact that Mercury use to leave major impact on mind but if we talk about Mars then it deals with physical aspects. It has major concern with impulsive and aggressive behaviour of human beings. As per horoscope, Mars use to rule determination, drive, energy and action and it is observed that Mars generally leads to positivity in life where person gains motivation, inspiration and ability to think positively.

What to do when Mars Retrogrades?
 This is best time to go for the search of what you ever wanted in life. Mars has major influence over what you desire or wish to have in life. Note that, Mars Retrograde is not the right time to have something good in the external world but yes it leads to great value in the internal world.

 Studies reveal that the potential of violence and accidents usually go strong at the time of Mars Retrograde because at this time most of people get affected with negative forces. They often feel more impatient and frustrated and the worst impact of retrograde is that they become more careless. Thus it is essential to have more control over your personal life and take every step with more care.

 The best idea is to resolve all conflicts by making compromises. Instead of pushing your own agenda, prefer to follow what goes on common grounds with much balanced results.

 It is best time to reassess your sexual attitude and behaviour. You can also prefer to consult a behaviour related therapist to have better control on things around.